Don't Hang Your Head in Shame and Agony, Goliath Games' Stuff Happens, Round 10 Finale!

Heather and Ryan rank horrible situations on the Misery Index in Round Nine of Stuff Happens.
Ryan's cards - Frostbite, Lose Seven Toes; Slip on a Patch of Ice; Massive Zit on Nose.
Card to place in sequence -  Break a Heel. 
Bonus - More about breaking the heel on your stiletto.

Heather's cards - Cruise Ship Breaks Down; Hit Your Thumb with a Hammer; Internet Connection Goes Out.
Card to place in sequence - Person in Front of You on a Rollercoaster Vomits. 
Bonus -  More of our first world problems.

Tie Breaker Round!!

Ryan's cards - Your Worst Clown Nightmare Comes True; Develop Agoraphobia, Cannot Leave House; Fart on Your First Date.
Card to place in sequence -  Don't Hear the Tornado Coming. 
Bonus - Tornado story that may or may not be true.

Heather's cards - You Lose Your Pinky; You're Clawed by a Rabid Raccoon; Move Back in With Your Parents.
Card to place in sequence - Your Hand is Super Glued to Your Face. 
Bonus - Deep dive into the super gluing your hand to your face thing.

Game played in the episode – Stuff Happens by Goliath Games, LLC. Created by Andy Breckman.

Huge shout out and thank you to Kinemesis Music on Pixabay for the theme song, Best Buddies!!

Last call! We'd still love answers to the following questions that have arisen over our time playing this game:

1)      Where does eczema fall on your personal misery index, especially if this is a condition that you have?
2)      Have you actually survived a baseball sized hailstorm? We need to hear your story!! 
3)      Have you ever been chased by a bat, or is this a mythical occurrence?
4)      What is your tattoo mistake?
5)      Have you been mauled by a chimp? Are you okay?
6)      Have you super glued your hand to your face?

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Heather Faye & Ryan Roy