Proving Bigfoot: The Ultimate Hack, Pando's Pando, Round 4

We need your help with an important debate.
Ryan's first card - Do I believe in Big Foot? Do I dunk my cookies in milk? What is the longest road trip I’ve ever taken?

Heather's first card - What is my favorite movie genre? Over the last 12 months, about how many times have I gone camping? Do I use pore strips to remove blackheads on my nose?

Ryan's second card - Name something I am allergic to.  Am I good at hitting on people? Can I say the ABCs backwards?

Heather's second card - During Christmas, is there typically a fake or a real tree at my house? Do I enjoy yard work? Can I do a convincing British accent?

Mentioned in the episode - The Film that Made Bigfoot a Star, How the Bigfoot Legend Began.

Reddit question - What was your worst attempt at hitting on someone?

And thanks to for our question of the week - What is the most recent fact you learned that surprised you?

Game played in the episode – Pando by Pando.
Huge shout out and thank you to Kinemesis Music on Pixabay for the theme song, Best Buddies! And Navadaux on Pixabay for Whipy woosh transition.

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