Vomit Inducing PDA, Skybound Games' Trial by Trolley, Round 8

Join us for a discussion about when PDA goes too far and more.
Game played in the episode – Trial by Trolley by Skybound Games.

In our eighth round of Trial by Trolley we contemplate which of the following we would save or run over with our trolley: 

Ryan - Two violent bank robbers OR a notorious hacker; a hard working father of five OR an open gateway to hell that will close if hit by a trolley; 15 people waiting in line at a soup kitchen OR a crew of firefighters rescuing a kitten.

Heather - A scientist racing to warn everyone about a pending disaster OR a rowdy tour group ignoring a “Do not cross the trolley tracks” sign; a kitten cuddling with a dog OR a teenage superhero who will one day save the city; an obnoxious teenage couple making out on the tracks OR the one critic that gave Toy Story 3 a bad review.

Huge shout out and thank you to Kinemesis Music on Pixabay for the theme song, Best Buddies! And Navadaux on Pixabay for Whipy woosh transition.

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Heather Faye & Ryan Roy