That's Not Sweat on Your Leg, Pressman's Your Worst Nightmare, Round 7

In this episode we mostly talk about insect horror stories.
Ryan's first set of cards - Ants Crawling on You, Becoming Sad, Becoming Possessed, Bad Poetry.

Heather's first set of cards - Being Mugged, Being Hit by a Car, Being Fired, Being Dumped.

Ryan's second set of cards - Being Cheated On, Being Burried Alive, Being Attacked by Bats, Blocked Number.

Heather's second set of cards - Losing Your Looks, Alligators, Robots Replacing the Workforce, Accordions.

Game played in the episode – Your Worst Nightmare by Pressman Toy Corporation.

Huge shout out and thank you to Kinemesis Music on Pixabay for the theme song, Best Buddies!!

And thanks to for our question of the week - What sound will instantly melt your heart?

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