Emergency Popcorn for Stranger Drama, Pando's Pando, Round 1

Calling 911, being handcuffed, mayonnaise vs. Miracle Whip, and bathroom etiquette.
Ryan's first set of cards - Do I think the government listens to me through my phone? I’m stranded on an island without food or supplies, do I survive? Have I ever called the police?

Heather's first set of cards - Where do I usually get gas? Have I ever been handcuffed? Have I ever dumped somebody with a text? 

Ryan's second set of cards - Do I whiten my teeth? Do I prefer mayonnaise or Miracle Whip? Do I shop at thrift stores? 

Heather's second set of cards - When I have to visit the can in public, do I sit, hover, or cover? Do I debate with strangers on social media? Have I ever run a marathon? 

Mentioned in the episode - Toilet Etiquette - Dos and Don'ts for Public Restrooms.

Reddit question - What do you hate most about public restrooms?

Game played in the episode – Pando by Pando.
Huge shout out and thank you to Kinemesis Music on Pixabay for the theme song, Best Buddies! And Navadaux on Pixabay for Whipy woosh transition.

And thanks to randomwordgenerator.com for our question of the week - If it's raining outside, what activity do you most want to do?

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Heather Faye & Ryan Roy